Best Litigation Software For Lawyers?

The best litigation software for lawyers is an issue that will be debated by many. In my opinion, there are a few huge differences between the top products out there and those at the very bottom of this list so it’s hard to recommend one as being “the best.” However, I can provide a few tips below on what you should look for in your next legal system:

1) What features do you need? – This question should always come first. You have to ask yourself what features are going to be most important to use regularly and then decide if all of them fit into your budget or whether some can wait until later on down the road. For example, if you only plan on using case management tools occasionally (say once per month or less), then go with something inexpensive like iLaw Office Case Manager instead of seeking out something more robust which may not suit your needs as much as expected yet. Other than that, here’s a fairly comprehensive list:

Case Management Tools: These include things such as calendars/calendars & scheduling tools; document management systems; managing documents within the filing cabinet; managing calendar appointments/notes etc.; electronic discovery services (EDS); pre-filing review and screening tool; updating statute changes through online repositories such as Westlaw Next Generation or Lexis Advance Search Service(ESS); searching whole cases via EDSs such as Findings & Conclusions (“F&Cs”), affidavits, motions

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