Best List For Marketing To Lawyers?

A: We have a lot of interest from different industries. Our goal is to take the best content that we can find and make it available for free, as long as people credit us where they used our material. I think there are some great lists out there that really were created by lawyers or practitioners, but their intent was to promote themselves. Their objective was not necessarily to provide the largest audience possible with the information they want on specific topics. They’re more focused on their practice area than what’s most interesting to other people who may wish to learn about those practices areas because sometimes you create your own problems when you force stuff down somebody else’s throat without letting them know why they should care at all about what you do unless it has direct relevance in their particular field of practice.

Q: Are you comfortable saying “marketing lawyer”? Do you like that term? Is that something new? What do others call themselves if marketing doesn’t work out for them (like kids doing college)? Maybe law school? A future attorney? Or maybe law students don’t see this as real lawyering, although many enjoy it immensely—and more than half of all lawyers spend 54 hours per week doing nothing but working! You might even say marketing is an art form unto itself (or, maybe not). But I’m curious; how did marketing get started before creating websites/blogs/etc.?

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