Best Linux For Lawyers?

The Linux desktop is still an immature, complicated place for lawyers. It’s slow, has a bad interface design and it doesn’t have the best support in terms of legal software. But there are some great options out there already! Here’s our list of the best Linux desktops for lawyers…

1. Elementary OS

Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu but with a customised look-and-feel that includes apps like Calligra Suite to help you get your work done. If you’re looking for something more polished than Ubuntu then this might be the one for you! Although it’s not currently available outside of North America, we expect the price tag will come down in due course so anyone can take advantage of its attractive UI and slick features which include everything from smart notifications to integration with multiple cloud storage providers including Dropbox & Google Drive through Boxer file syncing service. You can also run LibreOffice alongside Microsoft Office if required (although this was discontinued when LibreOffice went free). There are plenty of useful tools preinstalled too such as Rhythmbox music player, GIMP photo editor, Skype chat client and Transmission BitTorrent client all included by default making it easy to get straight into using them – however if you want specific applications like Gimp or Kontact (KDE office suite), then they won’t be installed by default but may be located in Synaptic Package Manager although these packages aren’t guaranteed to always work properly since

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