Best Linkedin Groups For Lawyers?

How many people are in the legal profession? There’s a lot of different ways to estimate this, but one is to look at membership numbers for trade associations. The American Bar Association has 15,000 lawyers in its member rolls. That doesn’t seem like a whole lot when you consider that there are more than two million lawyers total and over 2.4 million practicing attorneys.[16] But we can get some idea by looking at ASAE (the American Society of Agricultural Engineers). It has 1,350 members and only 28 percent work on farms or ranches.[17] So it’s likely lower than average. Another way would be the number of patent applications filed each year; about 250.[18] Of course patents aren’t awarded every year, so we’re probably looking at somewhere around 825-975 (of which less than half would actually get filed), although that could change with recent changes such as PCT filings increasing from 12 per year to 18 since 2013.[19]There is also an estimated 14 million persons working in all industries related to farming and agriculture,[20] so we might expect something between 5% and 4%. How do you calculate these percentages? Well let’s start with the amount of employees: 79%[21] What other professions have similar numbers? Not too many actually [22]: Doctors [23](10%) Scientists [24](4%) Lawyers [25](2%) Accountants & Financial Planners [26](1%). The rest vary

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