Best Like Insurance For Lawyers?

What are the best products to buy for business insurance?

I have specialized property damage coverage on my automobile. Is it worth insuring that other than liability only, or should I go with another type of policy?

Would you recommend buying a life insurance policy without knowing how much money you will need at the time of your death? Are there ways to estimate this amount if possible.? And is health care during retirement more important than saving for it in your daily expenses? Will Medicare pay all medical bills after age 65?””””””IMO, DO NOT BUY LIFE INSURANCE UNLESS YOU HAVE ALREADY SET A SPECIFIED AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT YOU WILL NEED TO LIVE ON AFTER RETIREMENT.””””””If you don’t know how much money you will need then why would anyone want to take out life insurance?””””””When someone dies do they get paid back by their employer what ever they set aside before “”retiring””? How long does this last before it runs out and the person has to start paying again?? Thanks!””””””Your wife will be able to retire at 60 years old. Your son, who married a young girl during his college years (a few months ago) will be able to retire around age 67-69. Because most people cannot live financially independently until they reach retirement age – most employers offer an early retirement program that allows them access into a 401k plan or similar account prior to reaching normal retirement age.”” “””

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