Best Lenders For Lawyers Buying Homes?

When you are buying a house, it’s important to get the best loan for your circumstances. This is why many people turn to lawyers when they’re looking at purchasing a home of their own. The problem with this, though, is that there are so many different types of loans available. And each has its pros and cons. This can make it hard to know exactly what kind of loan will work for you and your needs as an attorney… Read More

Lawyers Could See Job Losses Due To Affordable Care Act In 2015 Jan 13th by Dan – Lawyer Blogs The American Bar Association recently released its annual survey on state bar membership trends in 2014 – which gives us a look into how attorneys view the legal profession moving forward. One statistic from this report stands out: nearly half (48%) of all lawyers say ACA compliance will have an impact on their job over the next year or two… Though only 22% believe that “the affordability or availability” of health insurance will have any impact on them in the same time frame… Read More

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