Best Legislative Policy Advocacy Jobs For Lawyers?

In a word, no. In the long run, this is an ineffective use of time and resources. The type of work that you do when you engage in public policy advocacy has little to do with the type of work that lawyers actually need to be doing in order to get a job in private practice or in-house counsel at a law firm. If your goal is to obtain employment as an attorney who works for a government agency or at one of these large firms, then it makes sense for you to think about things from their perspective rather than from your own personal point of view—because they are probably not thinking about hiring attorneys like yourself!

2) Should I become involved with any organization?

It can make sense for lawyers working on public policy issues either because there is some kind of affinity between themselves and other members (like if they both share similar values), or simply because there may be some areas where they feel more comfortable speaking out than others (for example: religious liberties versus civil rights). Or maybe it’s just that every lawyer wants the opportunity to stretch his wings and try something new. Regardless of why someone engages with such an organization, we will generally say yes; we believe people should always take advantage whenever possible of all available opportunities so long as those opportunities don’t compromise professional ethics. But again, the decision should ultimately be made by you based on how much involvement suits your personal interests rather than on whether it will help advance your career goals

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