Best Legal Software For Solo Lawyers?

You can always ask a partner or co-counsel, but here is what I would look for: (1) The program should be able to handle multiple clients. You may have clients in different states and they may need access to different programs, so you will need to use the same software across your firm. (2) The system should allow you to create customized billing forms and invoices, such as add-on services such as tax preparation which are not included standard in most legal software packages. You want someone else’s money if possible! As with any purchase of software, check the compatibility with your computer system and operating systems before ordering it. Make sure that you can get support when needed and that there is no charge for technical assistance if your questions cannot be answered by the seller’s customer service department at 800 number or online chat feature on their website/eBay page/email address provided during installation of package; one free hour per year of telephone consultation does not satisfy this requirement!

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