Best Legal Practice For New Lawyers?

We’re glad you asked. If we had to pick one category of law practice where new lawyers can make a huge impact on the legal profession and their clients, it would be family law. We think that more than 50% of all divorces are uncontested; some estimates even put the number as high as 80%. New lawyers who choose this area do so because they want to make an immediate positive difference in people’s lives, and help them move on with their lives as soon as possible after a divorce is finalized.

New Family Law Lawyers: What They Do Differently | ABA Journal – To start or not to start? That is the question for young attorneys entering what has been called America’s fastest-growing specialty: family law (Cortner). Here, we break down how new attorneys can best enter the field of family law without making mistakes that could cost them clients over time—and even dollars if they try too hard to please potential employers.

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