Best Legal Pads For Lawyers?

Does it matter if I have a legal pad from the local Kinkos, from Staples or another office supply store? We want quality writing tools for our attorneys. First and foremost, we need an excellent legal pad that will not break in your pocket when you are jotting down notes at the end of a long day in court. The second most important part is dependability. If you can’t write on a good paper with ink that won’t bleed through to your other pages then what good does it do to buy a fancy looking piece of paper? Lastly…is the price worth all three items mentioned above? Well…I think so! So let’s look at each aspect individually:

Paper Quality: This one is easy enough because there are literally hundreds of brands out there competing for your attention. Some pads come in different weights (thickness) but most offer some sort of nice texture on their sheets so they lay easily without wrinkling or curling up while being used under normal conditions (i.e., holding pens). There are also lots of colors available so finding something more “professional looking than pink notebook paper” should be relatively easy! Of course, if you really want to go high-tech then check out 3M or Avery products which might just be able to stand toe-to-toe with any top branded product around town!

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