Best Legal Markets For Young Lawyers?

That’s the question.

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When I make this argument to my friends who are considering law school or are currently studying law but aren’t interested in practicing law after they graduate, their eyes glaze over as though I were speaking Martian or Klingon for all intents and purposes. Oh how much easier it would be if you simply said “I don’t want to practice law after I graduate! Who wants to manage other people’s money?! That sucks! Law school isn’t even fun anymore! The best part about being a lawyer was banging hot chicks on our days off!! The government has no business regulating these personal decisions!!! You should have stopped at one year of college instead!!! YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND LAW YET!!!!!!” But what if there was another option? What if anyone could decide whether he wanted to pursue that path without having his choice either condemned or lauded by others? What then?

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