Best Leather Portfolio For Lawyers?

The Best Leather Portfolios for Lawyers: A Lawyer’s Dream Tool and a Business Asset

By: Andrew C. Warshaw, Esq., Attorney at Law

As you begin your career in law, it is important to select the right leather portfolio for yourself. You want something that will serve as an excellent tool when you travel and attend conferences (whether by plane or train) while looking professional and confident. But most importantly, this should be something where you can feel proud of each time you open it up, whether on vacation or back in the office after a long day — all with knowing that your clients are getting great legal representation from someone who knows what they need and delivers client satisfaction every single time! This article highlights some of our favorite leather portfolios we offer here at The Litchfield Company; these include both traditional portfolios made from full-grain calfskin [1] [2] [3] [4] [5], but also ones made from more exotic hides such as buffalo hide which have been elaborately hand-stitched together using traditional techniques so they provide premium quality materials without being too exorbitant in price.[6][7][8] It is important to note that while many people think “leather” means only cowhide—and thus choose their material based upon how much money they wish to spend—we do offer other types of leather including goatskin,[9]. Other options may include vegetable tanned genuine n

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