Best Lawyers Wv For Work Place Discrimination And Harrassment?

I have just recently filed a complaint with the EEOC against my employer, who is an out of state corporation located in West Virginia. My company has several locations across the country and I was at one location when it happened. I did not receive a formal job offer from this particular location so technically they did not violate any personnel policies by hiring me. However, the manager there proceeded to tell me that he wanted someone “local” to work for him which immediately made us both uncomfortable since we were both from different states and had never met before this point. The next day while on duty he came up to me and said “hey you know what… I want you here because you are local but if things don’t go well then hopefully your mom will get fired or something like that! Who knows? But its better if she gets fired than you believe me right?!” He further stated about himself: “I am going to make sure that people hate her [me] because she doesn’t deserve nice things in life! That means no car, no house, nothing nice!” In addition he gave me a verbal warning for parking illegally (my supervisor was unaware of his behavior). He subsequently told everyone else how poorly their parents treated them growing up or other personal information without consenting to it – even though some employees asked him if they should talk about these matters privately with their family members so as to protect themselves legally and keep jobs safe despite

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