Best Lawyers Who Take 1983 Civil Lawsuits For Private Clients?

He shook his head and said, “I was wondering the same thing.” I asked him if he knew any lawyers who had that kind of time on their hands to take private civil cases these days. His eyes went wide with surprise as he realized what I was getting at. After a few seconds of thought, he blurted out: “That would be me! That would be me!” He left my office smiling broadly and shaking my hand vigorously as we both laughed together about it all.

The Little Guy Has Bigger Guns Than You Do

If you think your client is just a small fry in this legal game and has no chance against an ambitious lawyer working for one of the big five firms or even some other firm leading its own practice group, then you are sadly mistaken. The big firms have learned their lesson by now concerning how expensive it is to defend themselves against the little guy lawsuits brought by individual clients who don’t have anything better to do than send out letters asking for money but don’t work regular hours or follow basic filing requirements like they did when they were supposed to work regular hours years ago—if ever before—when they were young guys doing regular jobs during normal business hours instead of spending every waking moment studying law books so that one day they could get rich being self-employed attorneys while only occasionally having actual clients appear in court to testify on their behalf or otherwise give them money because why not?

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