Best Lawyers To Process Tn Visa To Green Card For Canadian Citizens?

Dear sir, My wife and I are Canadian citizens who want to move to the United States. We have been living in Canada for more than 4 years as permanent residents of Canada. We came back to Canada because we can not afford a house there or work there on a permanent basis.. For that reason we decided to come back here where we could be working legally and build our own home with money from our jobs. However, now, after four months of legal residence in this country my father-in-law wants us to go back and apply for immigration visas at the U.S Embassy or Consulate so he can sponsor us for residency status so we can stay permanently in this country without having any fear of being deported…. To make things worse, his family is very religious which makes it even worse because if they find out about what i’m doing… They will never let me see my wife again… That’s why i need an excellent lawyer who knows how these people think… Any suggestions??? Can you process tn visa extension by yourself? Is it expensive? How much time do you need before you file your application? And would someone please answer me ASAP cuz its getting late here …could you send me some information regarding all these questions plz?? Thank You!!

I am looking for an accredited attorney specializing in criminal defense. I live abroad but i was recently charged with murder charges . It seems like no one has heard anything about my case ,It has been over two

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