Best Lawyers To Handle Retaliation For Bringing Up Mold In School System?

Leo: How much did you pay him?

Paul: I didn’t hire him. He was representing himself. He was hoping to get some money from the attorney general, but that didn’t happen. So he took it on himself to do this case for free for me, and he won it easily in federal court just because of his experience in state government and that kind of thing. And then we settled with the school district out of court and they paid us a lot more than what we were suing them for — $200,000 — which wasn’t all that much compared to what we would have gotten if we had sued them in state court or spent six months defending ourselves against their claim that my daughter died because she got mold exposure when there is no such thing as mold exposure in schools anymore; well meaning parents can make their children sick by bringing them into a sealed environment like the inside of an elementary school building where they know there are fungi growing on walls and carpeting and stuff like that every day, but since these buildings only really fulfill one purpose — housing kids safely and making sure they go home at night — so everyone knows how bad these things are … scientists have proven over time why people shouldn’t be exposed to fungus … harmful fungi. It goes back thousands of years about how dangerous fungi are, especially when you start getting close up with certain kinds or specific species…The reason you want not to expose yourself is because certain

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