Best Lawyers In Tampa For Slander/Defamation?

Defamation is the act of harming someone’s reputation, which can result in an action brought against you by them. If you have been involved with a situation where there was defamation, it would be wise to seek legal counsel so that your rights are protected. There are many ways in which one could defame another person and the consequences for doing so can be severe. The law allows for punitive damages to compensate the injured party as well as compensatory damages (money) to help restore his/her damaged reputation if found guilty of defamation. Defamation has no statute of limitations; meaning that any time something is said about you or your business, even years later there may still be potential liability depending on how much damage was done over time throughout all forms of media like print media (newspapers), social networks (Facebook), word-of-mouth referrals from associates, etcetera; because anything online stays online forever!

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