Best Lawyers In St.Louis.Mo For Online Fraud And Theft?

Some of the most popular internet scams involve online diversionary tactics, such as phishing and identity theft. But leading St. Louis attorneys at our firm can help you protect your legal rights if you fall victim to these schemes. We represent people across Missouri who have been victims of:

Stolen identities – we’ve seen cases where someone has stolen a person’s social security number and used it for everything from tax returns to bank accounts;

Phishing – this is when scammers use fake emails, websites or other means designed to trick you into giving out personal information;

Online fraud – online scams that prey on consumers by offering large amounts of money in exchange for bogus products or services; For example, some con artists will claim they are sending fraudulent checks but never actually do so (you get nothing); Or they may say you need to send money overseas without any way of verifying the transaction (money never arrives).

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