Best Lawyers In Southeast Delco For Wrongful Termination?

Nope. We settled our case!

-a letter to the editor, Philadelphia Inquirer

Page xiii

My purpose in writing this book is not to prove that you are a victim of unlawful terminationor an innocent bystanderin other words, if you were fired it was for legitimate reasons or because your boss just couldn’t keep up with all the new technologies and procedures being thrown at him. That’s impossibleand besides, would anyone really want someone who thinks that way? I realize there are many people out there who have either been victims of wrongful termination or have witnessed others’ unjustified terminations. I’m hoping they’ll be encouraged to reach out for help by finding ways to work through their problems rather than resorting to litigation. Most people don’t sue when they know how difficult it is to win in courtespecially when one has little knowledge about legal processes and the law itselfwhich explains why so few cases go before a jury trial in Delaware County Courts (about 4 percent). And lawsuits cost moneyand lots of itto prepare for trial and also during pretrial discovery which can last well over a yearusually more than twice as long as any defendant attorneys need actually spend time on preparing their case even though they may only get paid 20 percent of what damages are awarded by the judge! Also remember that much depends upon hiring an attorney whose practice will surely increase after winning his/her first casenot because he/she earned much from the plaintiff but solely because

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