Best Lawyers In South Florida For Speeding Tickets?

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One of the most common questions that I get asked is what lawyers are in south florida. This question comes up because many people do not realize that there are over 30 counties in south Florida, each with their own district court system. Each county has its own rules and procedures for filing a speeding ticket case, so it’s important to know the laws for your particular area before you choose an attorney to represent you. As far as who is considered “the best lawyers in South Florida”, well…who knows? But if this article helps you find an attorney that will work hard to keep you out of jail or off probation, then it has done its job! There are plenty of other articles on our site about how all things legal go through the court system including bail bondsmen (and whether they should be used), bond money amount required when posting bail, criminal defense fees and flat fee agreements vs hourly rates; however one thing we don’t cover very often enough is finding attorneys; which can make choosing an attorney more difficult than it needs to be! Now let me tell you why…. READ MORE »

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