Best Lawyers In South Carolina For A Pardon?

In the future, lawyers will be able to use a form known as a “dignity petition” in place of a pardon request. This new form is designed for people who have been wrongfully convicted and want their records expunged. The governor can grant pardons only upon the recommendation of the appropriate Cabinet member or members. Pardons are not automatic and require review by someone within the governor’s administration before he makes his decision. In South Carolina, that means it could take up to six months after filing for an applicant to hear from the governor’s office about whether he or she will receive a pardon. [2] [3]

How long does it normally take for Governor Haley to decide on a pardon?

Governor Haley has granted more than 200 pardons in her first term in office.[4] As she said in her speech at Clemson University: “I don’t believe we should ask anyone to pay for our mistakes.” A process typically takes 2-6 months depending on where you live.[5][6] There is no guarantee that your application will be considered during this time period but if rejected there are many additional steps you may try including hiring an attorney.[7][8]. If your application is rejected, you have two options: 1.) wait out all of these appeals processes which may involve several years with little prospect of success, or 2.) file court action seeking financial compensation through civil litigation against those involved with

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