Best Lawyers In Raleigh Triangle For Wrongful Termination, Non Compete Cases?

“I’m sorry to hear of your loss. I’ve known Mr. King for years, and he is a good man. Unfortunately, most people who leave the law don’t ever completely turn their backs on it.”

“Which makes you one of the lucky ones,” she said with an ironic smile that hinted at bitterness behind her eyes. “Most ex-lawyers never quite get over losing their desire to do what they did before.”

Lindsay had heard enough about this case to know she was talking about him; therefore, he decided not to press further—for now anyway. What transpired in his office could wait until later when they were alone again after court adjourned for another day. “Can you tell me anything more about these allegations against Mr. King?” Lindsay asked instead while studying Lindsey’s face closely trying to see if there was any sign of guilt or some other unsavory behavior which might have led Brent Calloway here all by himself without any legal representation whatsoever? She may be innocent but something didn’t feel right here so far…and why would Ms Walker have come down here just on her own accord?

Ms Walker purred slightly as she realized Lindsay wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon so she continued speaking very softly at first then louder…very loud! “…just got off the phone with my attorney Jack MacKenzie last night—he has no idea why Brent came down here today without even telling him where he’s going or what

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