Best Lawyers In Phoenix For Commercial & Liability Insurance?

I will be moving to Arizona in September. I am looking for the best lawyer in Phoenix who specializes in commercial and liability insurance defense (not personal injury, but property or car/truck accidents). Any suggestions?

How much would a good family law attorney cost?

What exactly is “family law”? My friend talked me into looking at an attorney on Craigslist. But he only said it was for family matters because when we asked what exactly that meant, he dodged our questions and then hung up! We’re not married and don’t have any children together…just friends with benefits..and this guy seems shady to us.”Family law” doesn’t seem like a normal legal practice area does it?” What should we do?! HELP!!”It sounds like you need some kind of legal advice,” says Susan Schroeder , Esq., partner-in-charge of Littler’s Dublin office.”You could find out if your friend is telling the truth about wanting to represent you by asking him directly,” she suggests. “If so, ask him why his answer didn’t satisfy your curiosity.””Also, call another lawyer and see what they think about this potential representation,” she adds.A: You can use LegalZoom . It has free consultation regarding whether there are certain types of services that fit within its definition of Family Law regarding divorce cases.: $350-$1K per hour

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