Best Lawyers In Phoenix For Commercial Insurance Dealing With Co-Packers In Food Industry?

I am currently involved with a small food co-packer that does not want to purchase liability & workers comp insurance for his business. He has asked me to find out if there are any good lawyers in the phoenix area who specialize in these types of cases and will give us some idea as how much it will cost him per year. I was told by my boss he could go through our state fund but we have never heard of this before and don’t know what is involved or what type coverage they sell? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jody Dear Jody: We recommend you visit ( for more information on specialists in your area or call us at 888-646-8797 (toll free). Law FIRES is an online resource centered around finding attorneys by specialty, location and fees available to help you with your legal needs including personal injury trusts, wills and estate planning; elder care; divorce; bankruptcy; criminal defense; real estate closings & transactions — even referrals from other law FIRES’ members! May God Bless You My wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer after being tested several times without result each time she had test results back negative however now she thinks it’s back again so she went to her doctor today so far nothing positive yet except it shows up as elevated which means the tumor cells are multiplying quickly…shes very scared…any advice? Thank You

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