Best Lawyers In Okc For Military?

I’m a lawyer in okc. I have been doing this for 20 years and I can tell you that there are many great lawyers out there, but finding them is the hard part. There are at least 50 military lawyers here but they don’t advertise much and most of them will take care of their own clients. If you want a good one…this is your only option!

Military attorneys often provide representation or support for service members who have been accused of crimes while on active duty, as well as those undergoing court martial proceedings, administrative punishments or other legal issues related to their military service if they choose not to represent themselves. In addition to protecting servicemembers from unlawful actions by others, attorneys provide “advice during the process” so that servicemembers may know what rights they have at any given time throughout the justice system’s decision-making processes. Military defense counsel also advises commanders on issues such as how best to implement procedures designed to prevent crime among soldiers under their command and/or how best to respond when alleged wrongdoing by soldiers comes up in an investigation.

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