Best Lawyers In New Jersey For Suing Employers, North Jersey?

north jersey employment lawyer? north jersey, new york unemployment lawyer? north jersey, new york attorney for suing employers and employees for wrongful termination and wage theft.

north jersey employment attorney: help with a lawsuit against your employer? an individual who is getting paid less than the minimum wage or has been wrongfully terminated from their job can find themselves having to file a lawsuit in federal court after exhausting all of their state labor board routes. this article will discuss what an individual may be able to do if they feel like they have been mistreated by their employer as well as why you should think about contacting an experienced law firm such as mine before taking this step.

north west nj personal injury attorneys: how much money can i get if i am injured on the job? no matter how careful someone might be at work there is always that tiny chance of them being injured due to faulty equipment or unsafe conditions at work that could result in large medical bills and lost wages later on down the road. it doesn’t matter whether your injuries are minor or severe know that you are protected under workers compensation laws which provide certain rights including but not limited to weekly benefits, temporary disability payments, health care coverage during short-term disability periods (up to 1 year), lifetime vocational rehabilitation services through the department of rehabilitation services (DROP) program following permanent impairment caused by accident on duty resulting in total disablement benefit plan benefits up to $150 per week plus partial loss of earnings benefits up to 60%

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