Best Lawyers In Nc For Misdemeanor?

I need a really good lawyer for misdemeanor. I don’t want to pay someone who doesn’t give me the best chance at winning my case. Can you recommend one?

Can anyone help with a speeding ticket in winder ga 47895?

I got pulled over for going 12mph above limit on highway, and was given a $23 fine plus court costs totaling about $250 or so..the officer who found me said that he could not find any evidence of that i had been going faster than 25mph….i have no proof at all other than what he told me…but being from out of state, it is pretty much useless getting an attorney in Georgia unless they are also from outside this area…does anyone know how much time i would get off if i paid the fine and went to traffic school before taking it up with the courts? The cost of hiring an attorney would be more than the amount owed, so im hoping there will be some way around this problem..any ideas appreciated! Thanks!

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