Best Lawyers In Murfreesboro Tn For Father’S Rights?

Murfreesboro Personal Injury Lawyers – Best Lawyer in Murfreesboro TN for Father’s Rights

The father of a child who is living with the mother and step-father may begin to wonder if he has any rights to his child. As an example, an unmarried woman decides that she would like to marry the man with whom she is having her baby. If this happens in Tennessee, whether or not there was mutual consent will determine what legal rights the father has over his child when they are born. The mother can give up all parental rights through written agreement with this man, but courts do not allow mothers to simply decide not to care about their children anymore because they want someone else instead! A parent’s duty does include providing financial support for their children until they reach 18 years old unless one of them gives up this responsibility by signing a Parental Consent Form which allows another person who is unrelated to have custody of their kids. Sometimes fathers feel that they have no right at all even though some states do allow parents up until age 16 without any involvement from other family members. In most cases involving unborn babies, paternity can be established before birth either through blood tests or DNA testing once the baby reaches viability (about 22 weeks gestation). After birth you must get medical records proving that it is your baby so you have proof beyond question before getting legal help on issues concerning your son or daughter!

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