Best Lawyers In Michigan For Fraud?

Brett is a fraud. I had Brett as my lawyer for a year and he was never available when I needed him. He did not return phone calls, emails nor text messages. In fact, he lied to me that day on the call saying that “We have been good friends for over 20 years” which had been proven to be false by his records of communications with other lawyers before I hired him. At one point, we wanted to settle out of court even though there were no charges filed against us but he refused stating it was “the right thing to do”. Throughout this time, Brett would tell me lies about what was going on in our case and sometimes would change his mind from asking me if we could settle early or late depending upon what came up at trial etc.. He advised me that my best bet was not through an attorney — but rather finding a friend or family member who knew how the system worked because they could help save money for legal fees (this is very important)…. So please take note: DON’T USE THIS ATTORNEY! If you use him, you will lose your case!! There are plenty of other good attorneys out there who can represent you much better than this man!!!

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