Best Lawyers In Merriville, Indiana For Discrimination?

Have you been the victim of a discrimination in merriville, indiana? Or have you recently lost a job or gotten fired because of your race? If so, don’t give up hope just yet. Discrimination is only illegal if an employer can prove that it was motivated by racial animus. In order to do this, they must be able to show that the decision makers at their company were discriminating against someone for being black or another ethnic minority group.

Can I sue my boss for discrimination?

Yes! You may be entitled to compensation for any losses and damages caused by your boss’s discriminatory actions; however, some states (like Indiana) offer more protection than others and some types of employers are exempt from certain kinds of lawsuits based on state law. We will advise you as best we can before filing a lawsuit about whether this might be one case where you should proceed with caution or not; but there is no harm in discussing your options with us first before making any decisions about how to go forward on such matters.

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