Best Lawyers In Merced Ca For Slip And Fall?

Best slip and fall lawyer in Merced California, CA?

When a person is injured while working on the premises of another, that injury may qualify for workers compensation. The employer will then be required to pay benefits to the employee or their dependants. Unfortunately, sometimes an accident occurs which causes injuries that are not considered work related by law. If you have suffered damages due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful conduct it may be possible for you to receive compensation through your homeowner’s insurance policy if they cover personal injury claims. Though traditional homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for slip and falls occurring outside of one’s home, there are other types of policies available today which can help pay out any damages caused by slips and falls that occurred at places other than your home like bars or restaurants. Your own property damage liability (PDL) policy should also cover you should you suffer any losses due to someone else causing damage on your property; however this kind of claim is subject only to the limits provided within your PDL policy itself so make sure that coverage meets all your needs before purchasing one!

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