Best Lawyers In Media For Wrongful Termination?

So far, the only lawsuit that has been filed against CNN is by Giulian Guilfoyle, who claimed $15 million for wrongful termination. She was reportedly paid to keep quiet about her sexual harassment claims against Bill Shine and now-former host Chris Cuomo’s boss at Fox News, Ailes.

The lawsuit also reveals that two other women working for CNN had complained of similar behavior from Rich on numerous occasions over 15 years—and no one did anything about it until he sexually assaulted colleague Kelly Conway with a kiss in 2016 after she refused his advances twice before. “He never bothered me again… but I wasn’t surprised when he kissed me without my consent or even asking first because he had done it before…a few times,” Conway said in an interview with The Daily Beast earlier this year. “I think if I hadn’t left CNN at the time—and come back here to HLN 10 months later—it would have ended up being something more than just kissing someone on camera or boob grabby hands wandering around my body.” Unfortunately, none of these allegations are new; they were made public last summer after another former reporter accused him of making unwanted sexual advances toward her during a car ride home over 20 years ago. Guess what happened next? Rich continued doing the same thing to fellow employees as late as October last year , according to documents obtained by former GQ writer Tanya Edwards . And yet nobody took any

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