Best Lawyers In La Puente For Eviction?

Our firm has successfully represented tenants in all types of evictions, including the following: (a) unlawful detainer actions; (b) landlord-tenant disputes; (c) compliance with conditions on an eviction order; and (d) contempt proceedings.

How do I know if my landlord or property management company is trying to evict me? What are some warning signs that I am at risk for eviction? The first sign that your landlord may be attempting to remove you from your rental unit is when they begin sending notices about code violations. This could include improper maintenance of the building, such as plumbing leaks or moldy walls, bed bugs or mice problems, defective appliances, etc. If these issues exist then there’s a good chance you will be facing an eviction proceeding soon. Another red flag is when your rent suddenly goes up by more than 15%. That appears odd because most landlords have little incentive to raise rents unless their property value increases substantially over time which makes it worth their while not only to increase but also keep current rents level so both profit and expenses are covered during this period of increased appreciation.. A third tip off signal comes when you see people who don’t appear familiar arrive at your apartment with large bags full of garbage cans full of trash being moved out immediately after giving notice for entry into your apartment! An immediate evacuation suggests that the person moving all those items has no interest in renting another place nor does he want any involvement with tenants laws regarding possible

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