Best Lawyers In La Puente For Evaction?

This form of legal action is also known as an “eviction” or “remediation proceeding,” and it is one of the most common types of lawsuits filed in Family Court. You may be able to get money damages or other relief if you can prove that your landlord has violated his rental agreement by refusing to provide certain essential services such as heat or electricity, failing to maintain a habitable dwelling, making necessary repairs that fall outside the scope of a normal rent increase clause. In California landlords are required under state law to make all reasonable efforts to fix any serious health and safety hazards before evicting tenants for nonpayment. If they fail in this regard then they should not use their eviction power against tenants who have been paying on time.

Evictions typically take place when a tenant fails to pay rent on time (many times without notice) but there are many other kinds besides failure-to-pay evictions where landlords can seek possession from renters including:

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