Best Lawyers In Grand Junction Colorado For Seniors?

You can get great legal representation for your senior loved ones in Grand Junction, Colorado, by calling the Law Offices of K.D. Maguire today at (303) 259-9443 to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced senior advocates who will help you find legal guidance and support when it is most needed.

In addition to serving seniors in Grand Junction through our elder law practice, we also provide services for other types of families throughout the state that are facing similar family law issues during times of crisis or tragedy. Whether you have a divorce in progress or need advice on child custody issues after a trauma such as domestic violence or sexual assault, call us today to speak directly with an attorney about what options may be available to assist you and your family going forward. We offer solutions designed specifically for each situation so that all members involved feel supported and cared for during these difficult times with skilled assistance from knowledgeable professionals who understand how important it is to work together towards positive outcomes that benefit everyone involved! At the Law Offices of K.D. Maguire we believe that every client deserves compassionate care from his/her lawyer regardless if the case involves a large sum of money being paid out daily by alimony payments alone!

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