Best Lawyers In Garrett County Md For Speeding Ticket?

I got a speeding ticket in the mail yesterday. My understanding is that I will have to appear at court on August 10th, 2005. Is this true? What is the best lawyer in town for this kind of thing? Thanks…

I would recommend you seek legal advice from an attorney before making any decisions regarding your case. You should also consult with your local police department or highway patrol office about their procedures and what they require prior to accepting payment for traffic violations (speeding tickets). If you are unable to reach either of these offices by phone, then try contacting them via email or letter. It may be possible that one of these departments has already accepted payment for my ticket without informing me first so that my fine can be waived through some sort of program or class action lawsuit settlement involving other drivers who receive similar citations on the same date as myself.$50$0

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