Best Lawyers In Garrett County For Speeding Ticket?

I am a truck driver and I was pulled over by the troopers. The trooper said that I ran a red light.

He also said that he saw me speed by him, even though there were no cars anywhere in sight behind me which would make it impossible for anyone to see if I was speeding or not. He claimed that he had my license plate number and could track my vehicle down…I guess because the only way someone can do this is through GPS tracking on your car? (so you don’t get upset).

The thing is..he did NOT read my tag # at all before pulling me over! He took everything out of his wallet and started reading them off like they had codes written on them….and then asking questions about them as if they were numbers that existed in some secret alphabet book! Then when he asked what the letters say..i told him i didn’t know what any of those letters mean!! So years later after much trial getting records from garrett county i found out these are just random numbers!!! And now he wants to arrest ME for running a Red Light?? What kind of police work goes into pulling people over?!

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