Best Lawyers In Fort Wayne Indiana For Drivers License?

i got a speeding ticket in michigan that says i have to pay back $300.00 or go to court, the judge said i dont have to but they are putting me on probation for one year…can someone tell me what my options are?

thank you very much

I would hire an attorney who specializes in traffic law. You can find them online easily or contact your local bar association and ask if there are any lawyers who specialize in this type of work. At least at first I would request a hearing before the Judge because he has no authority over the Prosecutor’s decision not to prosecute you after arresting you for driving with no license. He also does not have any authority over whether or not they will issue you a restricted CDL permit instead of suspending your license! The only way he could do so is by requiring them to give him notice BEFORE they decide NOT TO PROsecute YOU! And until then it is THEIR responsibility as well as yours, since all roads used by drivers without licenses must be posted with signs warning everyone about these laws!! So DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THEY GIVE YOU A NOTICE!!! Call their office immediately and demand that the prosecutor state his reasons why he was unable to prosecute against your case — especially if it was alcohol related (like underage drinking) where they may need more evidence than just an arrest record! Get their names & addresses from them right AFTER speaking directly w/the prosecutor himself!!!! Then call another lawyer

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