Best Lawyers In Evansville Indiana For Drug Charges?

I have been arrested for possession of a controlled substance and I feel that if I can get one of these top lawyers in evansville indiana to represent me that the charges will be dropped.

I need a lawyer in Evansville Indiana to defend my brother on felony drug charge, he was picked up by police. He is innocent but they are making him look like this big time criminal with all sorts of lies about his life. We do not want him hurt or put into jail, please help us get this out there so people know how unfair it is to make someone look like the monster everyone knows them as when they are really good people who did nothing wrong. Please IF YOU CAN PLEASE HELP US BY PROMPTLY RESPONDING TO THIS QUESTION AND CONTACTING A LAWYER IN ERIE COUNTY WHO WILL TAKE OUR CASE AND GET HIM OUT OF JAIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

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