Best Lawyers In Dallas For Warrants?

If you have a warrant for your arrest, then the police can’t lawfully detain you until your case is resolved. But if you know that there are outstanding warrants out against you, and they were issued by a judge, then it may be legal to be held in jail until those warrants have been cleared up.

How do I get a Texas warrant removed from my record?

In most cases, an expungement of criminal records is not possible. If the charges involved don’t involve felonies or misdemeanors – meaning that they carried no penalties – then there isn’t much that can be done. In fact, many courts refuse to accept petitions for expungements as well as petitions for new trials (which might diminish the sentence one receives). There may still be ways around this problem though: You can petition to seal your records after trial has concluded; however, only certain types of cases qualify under these rules (such as those involving drug possession), and those who wish to petition must hire an attorney first (and pay him/her expenses first). The court will likely require proof that all relevant information has been provided prior to sealing: A copy of the official statement taken at trial; orders detailing exactly what evidence was presented; and any post-trial motions filed by defense counsel.*

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