Best Lawyers In Clinton County Indiana For Discrimination?

What is discrimination in clinton county? Discrimination is a decision, action or inaction that is based on the victim’s race, color, religion, gender (includes sexual orientation), disability and age. Discrimination can include: Refusing to hire someone because of their race; Preventing an employee from working with people of a certain race; or Racial slurs or jokes. The law also says that when you think about hiring someone for employment you must take into account whether they will not be able to do the job because of their religious beliefs. If it seems like there was no question about who did something wrong then it probably wasn’t a crime. But if everyone knew what happened and agreed the person should have been fired then others could have potentially committed a crime by helping him stay employed at work after being found guilty of discrimination against another worker through racist actions he may have taken while at his previous jobs.

How can I get help?

You may want to talk to one of these organizations: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – Provides legal services related to civil rights issues including equal employment opportunity legislation and fair housing laws related complaints You can contact them by phone at 866-988-4AAA (2272) ext 202 or email them here . Or visit . Other good resources are listed below… Contacting your employer directly This might sound strange but contacting your employers directly regarding possible discrimination allegations

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