Best Lawyers In Cebu City For Land And Inheritance?

judgment of the cebu regional trial court, case no. 1464-1684, docketed as civil suit for partition, is hereby AFFIRMED. the rule on appeal having been duly promulgated and served upon all parties interested therein, it becomes final and executory notwithstand what they might have said to the contrary in their pleadings or oral arguments before this honorable court; so that justice requires but one judgment from this bench alone: hence we affirm with costs against petitioners: the latter shall pay costs in an amount of P1,500.00 and defense counsel shall be entitled to his out-of-pocket expenses in an amount of P2,000.00 representing 40% thereof plus interest thereon at 6% per annum from date of filing herein up to actual payment by petitioner. SO ORDERED.[25]

Demolition [ edit ]

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