Best Lawyers In Atlanta For Premise Case?

I have a old case pending after being sued by my landlord. I was evicted from the property for not paying rent and he is trying to evict me from my new rental because I moved into it before the lease expired. He has sent written eviction notices as well as phone calls until I got to court. The judge signed an order stating that she can’t give me possession of the property until 5 months have passed since the date of the first written notice to vacate which would be July 31st, 2018 however she stated if there were any changes made in our lives or anything else going on with us we could both come back anytime prior to July 31st, 2018 and make a motion for reconsideration but at this time nothing has changed so we are stuck without a home while this mess goes through appeal. Can you tell me what your odds are of winning this case? What should i do?

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