Best Lawyers In America For 2018?

oliver stone’s new movie “wind river” is not only an outstanding film but also a great example of the way to deliver the truth. it’s about 29-year-old john mccoy, who was murdered by american indian male youth in may 2016 on the reservation where he worked for his family owned company called wind river defense services inc., or wrds which is located at wind river, idaho. after further investigation into this murder that happened on the rez, police learned that john had reported being sexually assualted by one of his employees just months before his death. what followed were various attempts to silence him and ultimately cover up these terrible acts committed against an innocent man simply trying to make a decent living for himself and his wife and son. [note: when we say “sexual assault,” we mean men groping women in public places like washington square park.]

it was shortly after learning all this information that the victim’s daughter came forward with her allegations regarding her father’s sexual harassment claims — even though she had been told not too — setting off a chain reaction of events including ceo peter keane leaving wndr (he has since resigned), resulting in director oliver stone deciding to drop out as well due to threats made against him over these terrible accusations! yikes! even more bad news: if you’re concerned about justice happening here you’re gonna be disappointed because there will probably never

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