Best Lawyers For Wrongful Termination Lawsuit In Oakland Ca 2017?

I was given a termination notice and I have been fighting it. This past Tuesday, my lawyer told me that they are thinking about dismissing the case because there is not enough evidence to win. Does this mean that I will be able to get money from my unemployment? How much can we expect for this case?

The company has already paid $12,000 in legal fees and weekly payments out of their own pocket – but they still think they will walk away with everything at the end of court… But you know what??? They’re wrong!!! When you hire an attorney like us; all those things mentioned above don’t matter!! You should know by now how important it is never give up on your rights! If your employer wants to fight back against you:

We fight harder than them!!!! We win more cases than theirs!! It doesn’t take long before we realize that we CAN do anything we set our minds too. So if your employer thinks that filing a lawsuit against you will make them look good: Think again…. All those allegations listed in their complaint are lies!!! Don’t let them trick you into signing a dismissal agreement or settlement papers after hearing nothing but lies from both sides… Let us start working on your behalf so together we can stop all these nasty accusations instantly! Call us now 24/7 at 888-702-0219

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