Best Lawyers For Workers Compensation Ins In Calif?

Best Lawyers – California

I was injured at work. I am 100% disabled and the company will not pay for my medical bills or allow me to go into work even on a temporary basis. They have taken away all of my earned vacation time, holidays, normal sick days, in addition to straight-up refusing to give me any overtime since they are forcing everyone else in the office up their butts to do every single thing that needs done without extra compensation! I need someone who can help me with this case due to the fact that i have nothing left over after paying for medical expenses which are being covered by insurance. The problem is that i feel like im getting no where because when it comes down to negotiating with them they just dont want anything so thats why its so important for you guys out there who know how this stuff works! Thank you very much!! If anyone knows of any lawyers anywhere here in california please let me know!!! Here’s more information about what happened: On August 17th 2008 i was doing job duties as an inside sales rep at a major clothing retailer based out of San Francisco CA. The day before while having lunch with one of our customers he pointed out an item called “One Teaspoon” which had 6 different colors each size 6 available. After making it clear how nice these shirts were he asked if we could carry them in stock cause his son needed some new ones right away…i told him sure but wouldnt be able draw the

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