Best Lawyers For Work Discrimination?

The answer is not to be found in any of the lawyer search engines or job sites. If you want a good lawyer for work discrimination, your best bet is to hire one who has had experience with cases involving claims under Title VII and related statutes. That will ensure that you get the best possible representation.

In some ways, it’s surprising how few lawyers have had this kind of experience on cases involving issues such as sexual harassment, hostile work environment harassment and retaliation claims on the basis of sex or race/color/religion etc., but they do exist—they probably just don’t advertise their names very often over all these years because there are so few likely clients out there. To find them, look at their listings on Avvo (if they have a profile) or LegalMatch (if they have a profile). Also check out our article entitled “How Do You Find The Right Lawyer For Your Work Discrimination Case?” which provides more information about finding attorneys for work discrimination lawsuits from an expert perspective.(see link below)

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