Best Lawyers For Winning Grandparents Rights Sedalia, Missouri?

The rights of grandparents to visit children are granted by the state. However, there is no federal law regarding this issue. Most states grant visitation rights only to grandparents who were married to the child’s parents or lived together with them for at least one year before their child was born. But some states also allow visitation for stepparents and parents-in-law (even if they haven’t been married) as long as they’ve lived in the same house since the child turned 18 years old; provided regular family contact; and have an ongoing relationship with their grandchildren.

If you want your grandparent’s full legal right to visit your kids, you’ll need more than just a claim that he had his own home when he moved into yours after your divorce or death — you’ll probably need proof of who paid for utilities, mortgage payments, food, furniture and other living expenses during that time period. That will support his having “lived” in his own place during all those months while paying rent somewhere else on top of supporting himself financially! If he didn’t pay bills on his own account but instead paid someone else out of pocket because it was cheaper than taking care of things himself, it won’t be enough evidence alone to prove that he actually lived where you thought he did at any given moment! You may also consider requesting copies from utility companies showing service addresses. The court can then use this information along with testimonials from neighbors/friends/relatives about what they saw

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