Best Lawyers For Whiplash?

In an effort to protect the rights of drivers, certain people have been making a lot of noise about the extent to which insurance companies should be allowed to collect damages from those who are injured in accidents. In particular, they want courts and juries to hear testimony from doctors whose opinion is that whiplash injuries were caused by a car accident – not after-effects. It’s true that there are some very serious cases where this may be appropriate – but it’s also true that these cases represent only a small fraction of all personal injury claims. And it seems unlikely that anyone would wish for them to take precedence over other types of personal injury claims before juries or judges.

What does “whiplash” mean?

Whiplash usually refers to neck pain associated with low force impacts on an automobile bumpers or side panels as one drives down the road at high speeds (typically above 55 mph). At lower speeds there can be irritation resulting from minor collisions between cars and slower moving objects such as trees, telephone poles etc., called secondary whiplash trauma . As the speed increases however, there is greater chance for impact forces on both sides of a vehicle at once. This causes more frequent damage due Whiplash Pain Syndrome – Neck Pain Associated With Road Accidents , but less severe than when hitting another object head-on (secondary traumatic brain injury).

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