Best Lawyers For Vets?

Filings show that Trump has also continued paying Cohen $100,000 a month for his “legal consulting services” — despite the fact that he is now under criminal investigation by the Justice Department.

For this and other reasons, some Republican lawmakers have spoken out against Trump’s hiring of Cohen in the past week. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) told The Washington Post on Wednesday: “If [Cohen] were an adult American citizen and not a convicted felon who had plead guilty to campaign finance violations and lying to Congress … we would be calling for his resignation or firing him immediately…. Instead we see President Donald J. Trump continue to employ him as if nothing happened… I think it raises questions about what kind of legal advice they are receiving from Mr. Cohen instead of getting good counsel from someone who doesn’t have any conflicts with our country’s interests being represented by his lawyer. It makes no sense at all to me why President Trump continues employing people who are obviously conflicted with our nation’s interests while these investigations continue going forward… You cannot afford just anyone giving you advice when you are accused of colluding with Russia during your presidential campaign…. If it turns out that individuals advising them have compromised relationships involving foreign governments then their own allegiance should appear before loyalty does in terms of whether or not they should remain employed because if their job was based on whether or not they were loyal first there would be no reason why they

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